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We’ll handle everything and anything relating to your waste removal across the Wakefield and greater Yorkshire region.

The main thing is that this will undoubtedly be for the lowest possible cost, yet at the same time satisfying the strictest environmental regulations. Not only that but at exactly the same time we’ll assist you to attain the best recycling objectives. We’ll counsel you on the easiest way to dispose your hazardous waste and supply you with the equipment you need to do this.

Wakefield Waste Management is proud to include a whole host of top-of-the-line equipment in its arsenal, and we’re certain that we’ll have everything and anything you need for whatever matter you want dealing with, be it the disposal of electrical goods, fluorescent light disposal, or confidential paper and document shredding and removal, such as our asbestos removal service detailed below.

The sale and application of asbestos containing goods in the UK was ultimately prohibited in November 1999. Yet, due to the prevalent use of substances containing asbestos since the early 1900’s, it can be safely assumed that the majority of buildings constructed before 1985 probably have some quantity of asbestos in them. In fact you can only be certain that there is NO asbestos content if the building in question was built AFTER the year 2000.

Asbestos is a substance that occurs naturally, so some asbestos fibres are naturally released into the atmosphere. This implies that everybody is exposed at all times to some quantity of asbestos fibres. Consequently, the legislations involving the removal and disposal of asbestos are now incredibly strict.

Asbestos waste is categorised as special waste and is consequently subject to rigorous consignment note demands for generation and transport. Before removal from site, the waste ought to be double bagged and labelled to show the source of the waste before being consigned for final disposal to an authorized asbestos website. Now, the amount of sites enabled to dispose of asbestos are few and far between, which regrettably has resulted in high costs. We may also arrange to register your website on your own behalf if required For additional information and for an exact quote for your specific website, please contact us on 01924 637 950.

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