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 Waste Company Polymers 

The plant provides a number of plastic reprocessing services.  In 2008 we were the first in the world to generate food grade pellets recycled out of post-consumer sources.  The facility can also be able to reprocess a large variety of additional post-industrial and post-consumer plastics.  The plant takes 63k tonnes of plastic for recycling each year.

Waste company polymers was awarded the queen’s award for excellence in innovation in 2009 for its own food grade center leading to the recycling of hdpe milk bottles.

In 2020, squander company opened its brand new 27.5m state of the art pet plastic bottle recycling facility in seaham, county durham.  Waste company’s investment in the new facility, which is among the most modern and technically advanced in the world, is part of our continuing drive to speculate in the uk’s recycling infrastructure and also encourage more waste recycling at home.the plant is capable of converting 57,000 tonnes of pet plastic each year, equivalent to 1.3bn plastic bottles.  Pet, or polyethylene terephthalate, is a commonly used substance to package soft drinks, since it’s lightweight, durable, and highly recyclable, making significantly lower carbon emissions than options.

 Waste Company Plastic Recycling Services

Plastics we purchase we can purchase and recycle a wide variety of plastic scrap and redundant materials, and we offer a reliable collection service that’s taken to our committed reprocessing facilities.

We will not simply take your plastic waste materials, but can also offer you a consultancy service on how best to separate combined plastics.

 We’ve got a nationwide business team and a professional laboratory team who will allow you to identify your different plastic types.  Our commercial team will work with you to educate your site group and counsel you on the best way best to segregate unique types of plastics so you stay away from mixing incompatible levels, and control the best rates.

 We also supply a variety of on-site packaging, such as cages, skips, bags and trailers to help with site management and store bulk loads.  We wish to ensure that you cannot just sell plastic waste materials, but also streamline your processes so that on-site segregation is as efficient as possible.

Processing Different Types of Plastic

We’re able to reprocess a wide variety of different types of plastics out of both post-consumer and post-industrial sources. 

Our team is specialists in plastic recycling.  We strive to supply our customers and partners with plastic recycling alternatives, including the uses of recycled plastic, to maximise resources.  In accord with the authorities resources & waste strategy, we can help you achieve the required targets for recycled content in your products.

Different types of Recyclable Plastics

Waste company polymers produce an assortment of recycled plastics

:food-grade fhdpe -this substance is utilized as recycled content in manufacturing new plastic milk bottles, plastic food trays, and makeup containers.

Rpet flake — this is a high quality hot washed natural flake that can be utilized in the manufacture of fresh bottles and food trays, and in fiber manufacture.

Compounded plastics – our compounded polymer range includes polypropylene, higher density polyethylene, and low density polyethylene, and is available in a huge variety of different ranges and colors tailored to our client ‘s requirements.

Regrind plastics — our regrinds are mixed and washed, and available in 2 different levels: high density polyethylene- hdpe jazz extrusion grade and polypropylene pp jazz shot regrind.these materials can substitute using virgin plastics, substantially reducing your carbon footprint. 

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