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Trade Waste Recycling Wakefield

Receive a quote for your trade waste. Waste company has innovative waste solutions, tailored to your own needs that are cost-effective, waste minimising and recycling-led – whatever your company needs! Trade waste solutions at waste company waste.

Reputable Trade Waste Service Wakefield 

We provide a detailed and competitive trade waste recycling service to assist you comply with all the lawful duty of maintenance bound to all companies under the environmental protection act 1990, which requires all companies including those operating from house to securely contain and lawfully dispose of any waste with a registered waste carrier.  This is defined as anything that is no more required, such as cleaning products, food eaten on your own premises and standard waste.

Waste company waste services can be a carbon neutral company that offers a compliant, recycling-led and totally client focused approach to trade waste solutions.  Coupled with great value for money, we could provide you with a trade waste service that suits your business.  We work firstly to minimise your waste output by suggesting some basic swaps as part of our free waste audit.  We work together with you to come up with a solution, enclosing the following:

— complete waste management

— general waste

— glass collection

— food waste

— paper and card

— suitable gear solutions

— clearly labelled and easy to understand segregation bins

We frequently compact your waste on-site, lowering your waste footprint prior to it even traveling.

 We can assist in improving your environmental effects in many different ways.  We recover recyclable materials through our materials recovery centers.  In addition, we endeavor to reach zero waste to landfill by processing residual/general waste through our waste to energy production centers.

Wheelie Bins Wakefield 

Stocking a selection of sizes from 120 litres to 1100 litres, our green bins match all companies from retail outlets, pubs and clubs to stores and restaurants – and also can hold paper, cardboard and plastics.  All our bins are safe, easy to position, lockable and sterile, with the smaller light-weight ones too being readily manoeuvrable.

Failure to abide by the law can render you facing a fine of up to 20,000 or six months imprisonment, so select Waste company today for a trusted trade waste service you won’t regret!

Aside from nins, we give a range of different equipment to help with general waste removal, such as:– inner recycling containers

— bulk bags and bin liners

— euro carts (1100’s)

— front end loaders (fels)

— skips

— ro-ros (enclosed, open top, sealed or lockable)

— compactor/compactor container

— portapackers

 — balers (horizontal or vertical )we can produce accurate environmental reports for your industry. 

By employing best practice and using the most recent technology, we can monetise recovery rates and ultimately reduce the amount of waste sent to landfill.

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